The holistic, non-medical weight loss and stress-management franchise already has strong demand in Ohio. Now it’s time for franchisees in the state to cash in.

Article by Alex Lockie, 1851 Franchise Editor

BeBalanced, a 25-location, holistic, non-medical weight loss and stress-management franchise, was founded in Pennsylvania in 2015, and has grown quickly across the country, offering proprietary products and programs that change women’s lives by balancing their hormones and helping them drop stubborn weight. But in the process of expanding, the brand has left behind a prime territory, ripe for expansion: Ohio.

Early in the brand’s history, David Cutillo, BeBalanced’s CEO, realized the brand’s most powerful tool was the connection it formed with its clients and its power to drastically improve women’s lives. In a weight loss industry so dominated by fad diets, snake oil products, and false promises, BeBalanced’s client outreach is most effective when it’s driven by grassroots, organic conversations between women who trust each other. According to Cutillo, that’s what the smaller towns of Ohio do best.

“One thing we love about Ohio is that it has plenty of small- to medium-sized cities, and that’s our sweet spot. Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Dayton and Cincinnati are all the perfect size for our story to spread like wildfire,” said Cutillo.

Most new businesses face the uphill climb of building brand awareness, but according to Cutillo, once BeBalanced’s message gets out, it will spread quickly throughout the Ohio market.

“With what our brand offers, once people know that we’re solving the two biggest issues that women face as they age — stubborn weight and PMS/menopausal symptoms — bar the door. Our problem is lack of awareness,” said Cutillo. “That’s the biggest challenge we have. But in the cities of Ohio, that awareness can develop faster and more efficiently than almost anywhere else.”

Why Ohio Is Perfect For A BeBalanced Franchise Location

BeBalanced started in Pennsylvania, and the organic way the brand’s message spreads by word of mouth from satisfied customers makes Ohio the ideal next step for expansion. With Cutillo and the brand’s corporate leaders just a few hours drive away in Pennsylvania, Ohio franchisees can be confident they’ll get all the support they need.

“We have four locations in Philadelphia, five locations in central PA, three locations in Pittsburgh, and one in Erie. Logically, the next area to expand to is Ohio,” said Cutillo.

Because BeBalanced uses top-quality, natural hormone therapies to treat stress and hormone imbalances that lead to stunning weight loss transformations and evangelical customers, the brand’s growth has largely been propelled by the women who swear by its services. Most women have dieted and exercised their whole lives, and maintained their size, but then picked up an extra 15-40 pounds at around 40 yrs old, due to stress and hormone imbalance.  When these women have their mood improved, stress relieved and weight reduced, they become powerful advocates for the brand.

As a result, BeBalanced centers in Pennsylvania, especially Pittsburgh & Erie centers, now experience high cross-border demand from Ohio, a state Cutillo said is demographically perfect for the brand.

Why BeBalanced’s Marketing Can Dominate In Ohio

Multi-unit franchise owner Kate Kelleher, who first found out about the brand as a customer, just opened her third center with the brand. As a BeBalanced owner in Western Pennsylvania, she has seen firsthand the demand from Ohio, and the brand’s innovations and tech support have allowed her to meet that demand, even during a pandemic.

“Most of our clients located in Ohio will work with us on a remote basis through video or on the phone,” said Kelleher. “As far as demand in Ohio goes, particularly in comparable areas around cities to the Pittsburgh area, like Cincinnati or Cleveland, for example, I would say there is really good demand for what we do. Every client we get from Ohio truly went on a search for us, as we don’t even actively market in Ohio!”

So when BeBalanced transforms a woman’s life along the shores of Lake Erie, that story echoes into Ohio, where the brand already sees strong demand. According to Cutillo, once the brand actively starts marketing there, it will be another success story for the books.

“In smaller cities like the ones across Ohio, the PR works better,” said Cutillo. “That means the businesses can ramp up better and faster, and we don’t need to sign large, multi-unit deals to open. There are a lot of markets that are ideal for us in Ohio.”

Why Prospective Franchise Owners Should Look at BeBalanced Now

On the franchise development side, Cutillo also expects a boom in interest, not just because people want to make money or pursue a new career path, but because they want to make a difference. According to Cutillo, now is the time to invest in BeBalanced, as the hope that COVID-19 vaccines will bring an end to lockdowns will likely produce a surge of interest in weight loss. The initial investment to franchise with BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers ranges from $155,650 to $208,450, including a $45,000 franchise fee.

“As the pandemic situation gets safer, there’s going to be a surge in a lot of decision-making that was put off. One of those decisions is people who wanted to buy a business,” said Cutillo. “Of those people, many will be more purpose-driven and seeking to make a difference in the world. After the pandemic, they’re more sentimental. They want the kind of quality of life we afford our franchisees, and they want to make a difference by helping people. Not only will more people choose to buy a business, but more people will choose to buy a business that makes a difference, and that’s what we do at BeBalanced.”

About BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers:

Founded in 2007 and franchising since 2015, BeBalanced is a Pennsylvania-based franchise of non-medical, holistic centers, helping women lead their best lives through natural solutions to stubborn weight, PMS and menopausal symptoms. Today, there are 25 centers open and operating throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Minnesota, Florida, New York, Arizona and Virginia.

If you have ever considered owning a rewarding business that is helping to change the lives of others, BeBalanced could be the right fit for you! To learn more visit our franchise section today.