Weight Loss by Living the BeBalanced Life!

At age 43, Paget Keller Rhee was experiencing early menopause. At age 45, she struggled with depression, gained weight and believed she was not the person she ultimately wanted to be. In the midst of these challenges, Paget discovered that quick-fix diet and weight loss solutions would not — and could not — replace the power of something she already had inside her: the power of hormones. Today, Paget applies her life-transforming experience through BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers to help women understand their body chemistry and use the power of hormone balancing to lose and keep off weight.

How Hormones Play a Role in Weight Loss

Founded by Dawn Cutillo, BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers target the major barriers to losing weight, weight control and overall health using a holistic approach called Natural Hormone Balancing. As Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist and owner of the BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center of York, Paget helps clients understand how achieving the highest quality of life begins with bringing hormones into balance.

“Hormones impact so many areas of our lives,” says Paget, “and hormones are impacted by stress. We work with women to find out the triggers in their lives that impact their health and well-being. We try to help women identify the causes of the symptoms they are experiencing, whether it be weight gain or lack of sleep, and introduce them to strategies such as relaxation. What we do is very personal for each client.”

BeBalanced, Paget adds, takes pride in its natural, not synthetic, approaches to addressing hormones. Every client begins with a hormone assessment, which allows Paget and her team to understand what’s happening inside a woman’s body on a hormonal level. “We work off of a symptom-based analysis, and as we work with our clients, we may introduce them to supplements — digestive enzymes, helpful probiotics and vitamins. We talk about relaxation to mitigate the negative effects of stress.”

Paget explains that the Becoming Balanced Hormonal Metabolic Correction program focuses on weight loss through a safe, natural homeopathic formula. This formula, the Metabolic Correction Blend, is used in tandem with a low-calorie diet to help an individual enter into ketosis, a state that allows the body to use fat as a main source of fuel. According to Paget, the Metabolic Correction Blend — when taken three times a day — stimulates the body to “release” its own fat that ultimately gets burned by daily metabolic activities. BeBalanced states that women following the Becoming Balanced Hormonal Metabolic Correction protocol can lose up to 1 pound of weight per day.

The diet used to engage the Metabolic Correction Blend is a low-calorie, hormone-balancing diet consisting of foods such as fruits, proteins and vegetables. The advantages, she says, of the Becoming Balanced protocol is the delivery of a steady stream of energy (no highs or lows in blood sugar), weight loss in problem areas such as hips and thighs, and slight reductions in health issues such as diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure.

Following the weight-loss phase — which consists of 30 days — a maintenance phase focuses on diet and keeping hormones in balance to prevent weight gain and PMS or menopause symptoms through natural hormone support creams. A lifestyle phase completes the program, as starches become integrated into the eating plan along with checks for food sensitivities, which can cause issues with digestion and weight gain.

The Journey from a Bleak Existence to Being Balanced & Why York?

She advocated for children from Washington, D.C., neighborhoods of greatest need. As director of outreach for the nonprofit City Gate, Paget worked with youth across the city through education, recreation and spiritual development programs. The work itself was rewarding, but it also demanded much of her time.

Paget says she empathizes with women who try to juggle career and parenting responsibilities on top of taking care of themselves and their needs. She herself was seeking balance in her life and a freedom from the overwhelming struggles of depression and stress.

“BeBalanced was life changing for me. When I help people on their own personal journeys, it’s rewarding to hear them say, ‘I feel like me again.’”

“I can tell you that BeBalanced is sincerely life changing,” says Liz Bell, WARM 103.3 morning show host. “Yes, I went there for weight loss, but it’s crazy how much more I got from it. With my job, I have some insane hours. I always blamed my exhaustion on that. But since starting BeBalanced, I sleep so much better at night that I actually wake up feeling rested. I also feel clearer and have a ton more energy. BeBalanced helps you manage your stress, and as a single mom, I don’t have to tell you I have plenty of that. After years of doing everything wrong, I can honestly say it wasn’t easy to change my entire lifestyle, but I will say it was worth it.”

Just as Paget and her staff seek to help people through the journey to becoming their best selves through hormonal balance, Paget also observes that she applied this same commitment when she opened the BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center in York.

“When I first came to look at the York area, we saw this portion of the shopping center [on East Market Street], which had looked neglected, and transformed it. I feel as though we were able to bring new life to this building, and that’s what we hope to do for women — help them realize a new life by living healthfully and looking and feeling their best.”

Editor’s Note: The information contained in this post is provided for informational purposes only. Before starting any diet or weight loss program, please consult your physician or health care professional. This material has been reviewed for accuracy by BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers. Individual results may vary from the accounts of the sources described above.