3 Ways To Improve Depression By Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

Feeling down from time to time is a natural and normal part of the human experience. In fact, mood is one of the many ways our bodies can speak to us.  Sadness and anxiety can come during stressful times in our lives, but if your feelings of depression and anxiety don’t seem to go away then maybe they are happening for no apparent reason? 

Today, we are going to learn how taking care of your hormones can help your depression!

How are hormones and depression connected?

Different hormones contribute  to different actions of our body.  For example, estrogen boosts serotonin, which can help  fight depression.

The same thing happens when your body is stressed. Cortisol is our  stress hormone. If you are under chronic stress your body will over/underproduce cortisol causing:

• Agitation

• Mood instability

• Inability to handle stress

How do we combat this?

What happens when our body is stressed?

Could your hormones be the reason for stubborn weight, mood swings,  hot flashes, etc? 

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Some effect ways to manage  stress include:

#1 Stress Management

• Getting enough sleep

• Finding a relaxing hobby

• Surround yourself with  positive people

#2 Eat A Balanced Diet

What you eat contributes to how  you feel. To increase your mood,  try incorporating the following foods:

• Vitamin D

• Vitamin B

• Omega-3

Research has shown the following supplements have been able to help anxiety and depression:

#3 Hormone Balancing Supplements

• Vitamin B & D

• Magnesium

• Iron

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