4 Ways To Honor Your Why Amidst The Barrage  Of “Shoulds.”

All too often many of us find ourselves feeling obligated to do things because we believe we should. Should-ers are the darndest, and their ability to stealthily show up at family gatherings, business meetings, around the corner of any grocery aisle – even in our own minds makes them nearly impossible to avoid.  Keeping mindful awareness of your “why” focuses your attention where it matters to enable you to bring your highest purpose  into fruition.  

"You Should..."

Here are 4 tips to prevent yourself from getting “shoulded:”

What do you really care about?  There are a lot of things to care about in the world, but if you strive to actively care about everything, you end up contributing to nothing.

#1 Identify your values.

When you enjoy something, it’s not going to feel like work and you’ll be happy to put in the effort to continually improve.  What is easy and enjoyable for you that supports your why?

#2 Remember what  you enjoy.

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If you're being honest with yourself, do you put others' priorities before your own? Foregoing your own boundaries can actually interrupt your route to identifying your why. It is healthy to have boundaries that set you up for success.

#3 Set your boundaries. 

Just because you helped your friend move the last two times doesn’t mean you have to do it again this time.  If being the gatekeeper of your schedule is daunting for you at first, then appoint a trusted person to hold you accountable until you start to see the benefits for yourself.

#4 Create a “Don’t Do” list. 


When you’re intentionally living within your values, respecting your boundaries, and only taking on responsibility for those things that are yours to own, you’ll find yourself living with enough.  Enough time to discover and pursue your purpose, enough resources to bring your dreams to fruition, enough compassion for yourself when you fall short.  As you get really good at it, you’ll find yourself living with abundance.


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