6 Tips To Help You Slim Down This Summer

Summer is approaching quickly!  Many clients reach out to BeBalanced during this time of year in a panic thinking they are better off steering clear of all fun summer events.  Let’s face it, life isn’t going to simply stop while you are trying to make better food choices or lose weight,  and neither should you! Here are some tips on how to  enjoy your summer, without  feeling like you are being  completely derailed.

Be guilt-free  this summer!

Change your focus from feeling like you’re missing out on something, to creating a life you love, doing things that make you happy, and taking care  of yourself.

#1 Put Your Positive Pants On!

Daily use of relaxation techniques, like those in our program, is key to helping you achieve natural hormone balance. Practicing calming tools will help to lower cortisol levels, stabilize your blood sugar, and will help keep  you focused.

#2 Clear Your Head  And Breathe.

During the hot summer months,  heat and sweat can leave your  body dehydrated. A lack of water is  harmful to your body, so before you go anywhere, make sure you consume  at least 3/4 of your daily  water requirement.

#3 Hydrate To Feel Great.

When eating out, choose restaurants that are better suited to fit your needs and make sure there are  always options that fit your  dietary restrictions. Trust us,  your body will thank you later!

#4 When Eating Out,  Think Of You First

Try to avoid mixed drinks that are  high in sugar and opt for those  that have more natural flavors such as fresh lemon, lime juice or muddled berries.

#5 Don't Forget To  Say "Cheers!"

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle  that promotes feeling your best is  a choice. If you go a little overboard, just wake up the next day ready to get right back on track! Make sure to give yourself some slack and don't get derailed by one little mishap.

#6 Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Are you ready to  start your weight loss journey?