7 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Lose Weight!

Spring is the season of new beginnings! It is the perfect time for positive change  and the start of the new you.  In fact, there are lots of external factors associated with the season of spring which naturally make it easier to lose weight, sometimes without even trying!

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, there is something inside us that screams  out, “seize the day!” With warmer, longer days, you can get outside for  a walk any time of day and enjoy the lush, spring scenery or even use the extra time gardening and running errands (again, incidental exercise for the win).

#1 Beautiful weather  and increased daylight hours make you want  to be more active.

According to research, you consume an extra 89 calories per day in the fall compared to spring. And as spring changes to summer, this trend only continues to increase. The reason your appetite decreases in the warmer weather is because your body is working hard to keep itself cool. Natural bodily functions like digestion increase body heat. So, your body sends signals to your brain to eat less so it doesn’t have to work so hard.

#2 As the temperature rises, your appetite decreases, and you burn more calories.

Does your disposition get sunnier when it’s sunnier outside? Despite the temperature, spending time outdoors when the sun is shining  can increase serotonin production, improve memory, and even spark the creative process. When you’re feeling positive, you might be more likely to talk yourself into a gym session—or talk yourself out of gorging on toppings during a fro-yo run.

#3 Your mood is brighter.

Research shows there is a strong connection between lack of vitamin D, insulin resistance, and obesity.  In other words, people who are overweight are more likely to have low levels of vitamin D.While you may or may not need a supplement for a variety of reasons, it’s much easier to get more D this time of year. So, an increase in sun exposure is sure to help brighten up your mood.

#4 There is a direct correlation with vitamin D levels and weight.

Swinging wide the windows and a little elbow grease can do wonders for your weight. A spring clean makes you feel more in control of your life and burns 133 calories per half hour, on average! A change of seasons is also the perfect time to rethink old eating habits, make healthy food swaps in your home, and get a fresh start—in spring or any time of year.

#5 Your home is healthier.

The greener the leaf of a fruit or vegetable, the more powerful it will be in helping to lower your insulin levels, which helps you burn fat. And it just so happens spring is primetime for seasonal veggies like arugula, artichokes, spinach, watercress, and green-leafed berries.

#6 Green stuff is abundant in the spring — and green stuff burns fat.

If winter, not to mention months of quarantine, hasn’t been kind to your waistline, you may be tempted to crash diet or spend hours at the gym. But you must resist! These types of things can wreak havoc on your body (and mental health) causing cortisol to spike, making weight loss  even harder! Why not take a different approach, more natural approach? Plus, by starting your weight loss journey during the spring months, you give yourself a realistic timeframe to lose those extra pounds in time for swimsuit season. So, rather than being fearful of mini-skirts and singlets, embrace the motivation to become the healthiest, happiest version of you and flaunt what your mama gave you!

#7 Summer is coming!

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