How To Navigate Mood Imbalances

If you or someone you know is dealing with mood swings, anxiety, depression, or other mood imbalances, you’re not alone. Statistics show that one in five adults in the US deals with some type of mood imbalance, with anxiety and depression on the rise. What’s worse, women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Mood Imbalances are super common.

At BeBalanced, we believe the connection between your hormones, diet, and lifestyle choices directly affect your mood. Continue clicking to learn more about how you can navigate mood imbalances.

Stress can affect nearly every  system in the body, and it may be undermining your health in more ways than you realize. Elevated levels of cortisol, resulting from chronic stress long-term, act as a trigger for depression. It’s important to manage your stress levels daily.

Tip #1  Manage your stress.

Ways to manage stress:

• Get yourself on a regular  sleep cycle.

• Add low-impact exercises to your workout routine.

• Take breaks from  electronic devices.

• Find a relaxing hobby.

• Incorporate breathing exercises  and meditation daily.

• Delegate responsibilities.

• Surround yourself with  positive people.

What you eat affects your mood  and can alter your hormones.  Processed and artificial foods are incredibly damaging to your body, robbing you of nutrients while adding harmful chemicals and hormones. Studies suggest that certain foods can increase your happiness!

Tip #2 Eat foods for your mood.

Eating to support mood can look like:

• Eat real, unprocessed foods.

• Eliminate sugar as much  as possible.

• Up your omega-3 intake (grass-fed meats, wild-caught fatty fish, flax and chia seeds)

• Get plenty of vitamin B  (leafy greens, root veggies, fruits, seafood, animal protein & avocados)

• Increase your vitamin D  intake (fatty fist, spirulina, and wild mushrooms)

Even if you are managing your  stress and eating a whole foods diet,  you may still need additional support to balance your hormones and  your mood.

Tip #3 Supplement what your body needs!

BeBalanced supplementation to help your mood:

• Natural Hormone  Balancing Creams

• Essential Omega oils

• BeLively (B vitamins)

• BeRegular (Magnesium)

• Vital-D (Vitamin D)

• BeSteady  (Blood sugar support)

At BeBalanced, our goal is to uncover the root cause for your mood swings, anxiety, stubborn weight, and more. For more information about our programs or a complete list of our products and professional-grade supplements, reach out of us today!

Tip #4 Contact us for help!

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