How To Prepare  To Buy A Franchise  With Kate Kelleher


Founded in 2007, BeBalanced turned into a franchise after its founders  saw how the brand’s proprietary products and services not only  make women healthier and happier but turn them into evangelists  for the brand. Today, most BeBalanced locations are run by former clients who know and love the brand’s mission.

Today, we are going to walk through Kate Kelleher's advice for potential franchisees before buying into an organization.

Kelleher’s own journey with hormone imbalance led her to BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers. Now, as the owner of three BeBalanced locations in Pennsylvania, one of Kelleher’s top priorities is to invest in the people who help her clients struggling with hormone imbalance.

Kate Kelleher is a perfect example of how BeBalanced transforms lives. 

Let's see what Kate has to say about being a successful multi-unit franchisee!

How did you do your due diligence before buying  the brand?  

Kelleher explained how important it is to reach out to other franchisees in the company. She needed to understand the support they were receiving from the franchise and the reality of being a franchise owner.

#1 Reach Out To  Other Franchisees

This helped to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organization from a consumer point of view, examine common trends, and assess the desires/needs  of the community.

#2 Look At The Comments And Reviews Of Clients

Kelleher looked at the quality of the product and service and asked herself “how well did it work?" and "does it do what it is supposed to do," and "can it be successful in its market?"

#3 Experience The Product And Service For Yourself

Kelleher asked herself questions such as “where is the market need?”  “did BeBalanced fill those gaps?”  and “is the market big enough?” All these questions helped Kelleher determine if she was going to be successful or not.

#4 Research The Landscape Of The Industry

Kate Kelleher is a perfect example of how BeBalanced transforms lives not only on a personal level but also transforming the communities she is involved in. To watch the full video, press the link below.

BeBalanced is a franchise that sets you up for success! 

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