The Healthier Hot Chocolate Recipe:

The Benefits Of Bone Broth


Ever heard of Bone Broth  Hot Chocolate? Don't knock it until you try it! In this story, discover its numerous health benefits and save a delicious recipe at the end to keep you cozy this holiday season.

Bone broth contains electrolytes and valuable minerals (that research shows most people are deficient in).

Benefit #1

It helps lower anxiety, reduce inflammation, and clears up skin.

Benefit #2

Bone broth rebuilds gut lining and skeletal system.

Benefit #3

It balances blood sugar and  nourishes the immune system.

Benefit #4

• 1 cup warm bone broth • 1 tbsp raw cacao • 2-3 drops of liquid stevia • A dash of cinnamon • A drop of vanilla • Milk/cream to taste Mix and enjoy!

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