The Top 5 Easiest Ways To Stay  Active This Year

Physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce stress, lose weight, balance your hormones, and live a happier lifestyle. However, beginning a workout plan can be scary  and difficult. 

This is YOUR year  to stay active! 

Here are the easiest ways to stay active this year. 


Having a desk job can become monotonous and make you feel like you don't have time for physical activity. However, taking a few minutes a day to take a walk outside can benefit your body and mind.

#1 Take A Walk On Your Lunch Break

There are plenty of reasons to get a new furry friend, but having a buddy to keep you accountable for daily walks and exercise never hurts. Having a reason to get up everyday  to take a walk will increase your motivation to get up and move  your body.

#2 Get An  Accountability Buddy

If you enjoy yoga, Zumba, pilates,  or any other type of physical activity there is most likely a related class  right in your community.  Some churches and community centers offer women's activity  classes for a fairly cheap investment. Need help finding which type of exercise may be right for you?  Read the blog below.

#3 Join A Class

As boring as chores can be, cleaning or engaging in housework can help you get your physical activity in without you even noticing it.  You will kill two birds with one  stone when you engage in housework that is good for your mind and  overall health.

#4 Engage In Housework

Some of the most beneficial physical activities are the ones we don't  notice we are doing. By incorporating a standing desk to switch to periodically or investing in a yoga  ball to sit on while you work will help you stay on task while taking care of your body.

#5 Change How You work

Take Control Of  Your Life. 

Here at BeBalanced, we strive to ensure that you take control of your hormones and one foundational step to that is taking care of your body. 

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