First BeBalanced Franchise Opens Locally in Garden City

Dawn Cutillo, Founder of BeBalanced with Kim Petry, Owner of the Garden City BeBalanced Center at their ribbon-cutting ceremony.

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers have been helping to change the lives of women across the nation since Dawn Cutillo founded the brand eight and a half years ago. Now, the company has been franchised to include nearly 20 centers stretching from as far south as Florida to as far west as Texas. BeBalanced recently welcomed its newest location, and its first storefront in New York, at 690 Stewart Ave. in Garden City with a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The owner of the Garden City franchise, Kim Petry, said the decision to open her own franchise of BeBalanced came from the success she had found for herself with the program.

“I have spent the last 13 years of my life [going] from doctor to doctor to find a solution or to find a cure [for my hormone imbalances], but everything came with side effects or it didn’t work. Then I found BeBalanced online,” she said. “It’s all-natural hormone balancing, and it was the cure for me. After about 13 years of searching, I finally found something that actually worked and got my hormones back in balance. It’s been a journey in empowerment, and so that’s what made me want to bring that to other people, so that hopefully they can experience what I experienced.”

Using her 30-year background in the health field, Cutillo built BeBalanced’s weight loss program around helping those who couldn’t lose weight through diet and exercise alone and needed hormone balancing. The system works not by having clients swallow pills or inject themselves with hormones, but rather the program takes a holistic approach by utilizing therapy, diet and specially formulated creams and drops.

“We’re going to be natural in the sense that we’re working with the body. We’re not using drugs,” Cutillo explained. “We’re using relaxation therapy, food and natural hormones. Once we get someone’s blood sugar balanced, once we get their cortisol balanced and we just give them a little bit of progesterone, that balances everything out.”

Relaxation therapy comes in the form of a 23-minute sound wave session which brings the body to a meditative state and brings brain waves to a deeply relaxed state. A hormone balancing diet will consist of certain meats, vegetables and other foods that are low-sugar, along with a homeopathic blend. Progesterone comes in a cream, and its effects are boosted by simultaneous use of a “stress cream” designed to “give your body the building blocks to make cortisol” to prevent the body from creating estrogen dominance while under stress.

Cutillo said clients who comply with the three-step program may lose 15 to 20 pounds give or take, depending on their starting weight, each month. Along with dropping pounds, clients can expect to have their symptoms of hormone imbalance, such as anxiety, insomnia and migraines, alleviated.

“All of it is really designed around getting your own body back, functioning the way it needs to again, and then keeping it at that level so that you can feel good,” Petry said. “When you feel good, you want to take on the world, and so to me, if I can give people feeling good back, that’s everything to me. That means success.”

For more information about the Garden City BeBalanced Center, call 516-743-9930.

By Allison Eichler – February 28, 2018