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‘It’s a business that you can own and understand really quickly,’ says Consultant Roree Lange, whose client just signed a three-unit deal with the brand.

Before signing San Antonio couple Scott Villareal and Dana Hernandez-Villareal to a three-unit deal with BeBalanced Weight Loss Center, Franchise Consultant, and Broker Roree Lange knew she had a large array of choices for these first-time franchisees.

As the owner of a franchise consultancy Just Right Franchises and a broker with BAI (Business Alliance, INC.) in Milton, Florida, Lange reps more than 350 brands. Her challenge was to find the right opportunity for these franchisee novices, one that suited their financial goals and lifestyle.

That’s why she thought of BeBalanced. It checked all the boxes that Scott and Dana needed as young entrepreneurs: low startup costs and overhead, a straightforward proposition for consumers, a good work/life balance, and the opportunity to make positive change in their community.

“It’s one of the easier businesses for someone to walk into,” said Lange. “It’s a business that you can own and understand really quickly.”

The couple agreed. They inked a deal to open three units in their hometown.

A doctor of audiology, Dana is a BeBalanced client herself. She knows the powerful effect the brand’s natural and holistic solutions have on wellness. Dana and Scott were looking for an opportunity to open their own business. Franchising seemed to be attractive, but they didn’t know which brands would be a good fit.

“I have the experience to run a successful audiology business,” Dana said. “But with the coronavirus and a large number of other clinics, I wasn’t confident in starting out on my own. I really wanted to do something different and new, but I wanted to stay in the health industry.” So she and Scott contacted Lange.


BeBalanced Means More Work/Life Balance 

A rapidly expanding Pennsylvania-based franchise with 25 locations, BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers offers people — particularly women — holistic, natural solutions to weight loss and PMS symptoms.

As parents of busy teenagers as well as being active members of their community, Scott and Dana needed an opportunity that would allow them to continue to enjoy family time by offering regular hours and minimal stress.

“Women who are trying to come into this type of business already have hectic lives,” said Lange. “Especially when they’re running a family or raising kids/teens and supporting a husband.”


A Chance To Help Their Community

Lange also recognized how the dynamic of the couple’s business relationship would work well for this business: Scott would handle the books and back end, while Dana had an instinctive understanding and passion for what the brand offered to women. “It just clicked. She saw the bigger picture. She knew it right from the beginning,” Lange said.

That’s because BeBalanced is about helping people and making a positive impact. “In my experience, women are looking for something that gives value and is unique in that it offers a life-changing thing to a client,” said Lange. “There are not a lot of brands like that. BeBalanced can be life-changing for someone, and that is going to give a franchisee the constant motivation you need when you own your own business.”

Scott and Dana are excited about what lies ahead as BeBalanced franchise owners. “The San Antonio area is an area that suffers from weight and diabetic issues,” explained Dana. “As someone who is on the program, I can speak from experience and can confidently say that this is a service that works.”


About BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers:

Founded in 2007 and franchised since 2015, BeBalanced is a Pennsylvania-based franchise of non-medical, Holistic centers, that help women lead their best lives through natural solutions to stubborn weight, PMS, and menopausal symptoms. Today, there are 25 centers open and operating throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Minnesota, Florida, New York, Arizona, and Virginia.


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