How to create calm in yourself to spread peace to others.

At BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers, we conquer stress naturally. Daily stress can affect you negatively, causing an imbalance in hormones. BeBalanced’s natural hormone balancing program will bring your body back into alignment, improve your health and increase your ability to combat daily stress. We understand the importance of a strong physical, mental and spiritual foundation. There is no way to evolve or practice mindfulness when you are depressed, anxious, having hot flashes or more serious female health issues. By lowering stress hormones, the body and mind come into a beautiful balance. This can change how you feel in a day and in turn changes how you act. A small step like this in a woman can have a Butterfly Effect on her health and each one of her relationships. 

Each woman is a thread in the fabric of collective consciousness. As each woman shifts her thinking, her new thread can weave the conditions of peace and healing throughout this collective fabric. This is important because whether we want to believe this or not, we are all connected. We are all energy and that energy blends, merges and affects all of us.

Now we want to take this a step further by gathering virtually to put the power of numbers into play. Tension is high due to the coronavirus and fear of what this will do to the economy. It is easy to become negative and even to place blame. The Virtual BeCalm Group Meditation aims to help create calmness within the minds of all who participate by utilizing thirty minutes to focus on positive regrouping. The benefit will be immediate and undeniable. The larger truth is that the effect will go far beyond your rooms, it will permeate the walls and affect your family, community and country. 

At this point it would be easy to feel helpless but each of us can do more than we think, right in our own homes. We each have a beautiful energy inside of us that we can tap into and feel it’s calming effect not only spread through our being but to anyone who we encounter. It has the power to be felt even through “social distancing”.

The coronavirus is said to be so dangerous because of the compounding effect of numbers with the way the virus spreads. There’s also the compounding effect that we can have on the numbers as we share this message of Hope with family and friends and they share and so on. The numbers can work both ways. We choose positivity. 

As early as the 1970s, test results have shed light onto the positive effects that can happen when a group gets together to meditate. It’s shown that not only does the world around them change, more conclusive studies reveal there are greater benefits received than most medications taken today. 

A more recent Group Meditation aiming at World Peace was done in 2008 called “The Peace Intention Experiment”. This utilized Transcendental Meditation to show there was a direct relationship between group meditation and crime rates. The number of fatalities in Lebanon fell by 76%. Criminal activities, fires and even traffic accidents decreased while the group engaged in meditation.

New organizations like MOMM (Moments of Mass Mindfulness) are starting Global Meditation Movements focusing on peace, connection, and collaboration to enhance personal well-being. There are many studies on the calming and peaceful effects of Group Meditation, and we welcome you to visit some of those shown below. What researchers have found, was indeed that mass meditation resulted in higher levels of peace and social harmony.

EOC Institute quotes Dr. John Kabat-Zinn, author of Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life. “Being whole and simultaneously part of a larger whole, we can change the world simply by changing ourselves. If I become a center of love and kindness in this moment, then in a perhaps small (but) hardly insignificant way the world now has a nucleus of love and kindness it lacked the moment before.” Research continues to show that when intent is focused within an individual, change can be made. This is only expedited when done with a larger group of people. 

We encourage you to share this message in hopes to have as many minds come together in unison in real time for the synergistic effect it will have on the collective consciousness. Join the national move to BeBalanced! Peace, love and balance is what we need in our lives and maybe the coronavirus was just one way to show us this and bring unity. That type of lesson is never a bad thing! 

References on mass meditation and increased peace/lower violence.